What can I do?

What can I do?

One very important idea is to ask people to commit to paying £10 a month to support the pool.  Getting 300 people to do this would make up for just about every penny of the £44,000 that is being lost (10*12*300 = £36,000, with the government, via gift aid, paying up to another £9,000 = £45,000
Over 150 people have already pledged £10 a month.  300 would make the pool safe.

Register with the Aqua Centre to receive a direct debit form, by emailing info@aquacentrellandysul.co.uk

And remember to tell your friends!

If you have other ideas:

Bring your ideas here!

Contact details

Email: SOSLlandysul@gmail.com

Twitter: @SOSLlandysul

12 Responses to What can I do?

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  3. sarah osborn says:

    Can you organise the paper petition soon? We could then get it into all the local shops and cafes and our work places, so people can sign it, along with fliers and posters in the village….

  4. pamela moyce says:

    the swimming pool in llandysul is superb and it would be so sad to not have one in this area!

    • sosllandysul says:

      Hi Pamela! You’re right about the swimming pool being superb. The thing is, it’s getting to the end of it’s life, with some problems with the roof, the heating systems, and the whole thing suffering from 40-year-old fatigue. The fact that the team running the pool do such a good job despite all this is just one more reason why letting the pool die, with no replacement, would be such a massive loss to us.

  5. mencapceredigion says:

    Has the committee thought of gaining funds from other places, sure they must have – or worked with other agencies to develop some projects to run ie swimming for the disabled, etc – just a suggestion.

    • sosllandysul says:

      Thank you very much for that valuable suggestion. There are a number of steps to keeping the pool open, and the first is to amke up for the lost £44,000 from the council. If we can;t do this, then everything else becomes impossible. However, even after we have succeeded in that, we need to develop the usage of the pool, try to draw in funding from other sources, and, of course, ensure that all of the community get to see the continuing value of this resource. You suggestion is fairly much at the heart of this second step, and is exactly the kind of positive idea that we are looking for as we try to ensure the pool’s future. Diolch yn fawr.

  6. Jemma says:

    I went to school at Llandysul (long time ago) and would be happy to pledge £10 per month to save the pool.

  7. Anon says:

    I am a local resident and wish to donate £10 pm to safeguard closure.

    In the long term, I suspect that the whole site of the secondary school will be redevelopped for housing, and it may be possible to include the pool leisure facility within the redeveloppment scheme, paid largely by the developer.

    Discussions are required with the local councillors (CCC) in order to ensure that a design brief for the site incorporates these measures, otherwise the opportunity could be lost.


    • sosllandysul says:

      Hi Anon,

      That is a really good idea about the potential redevelopment of the school. At the moment, there is confusion as to whether there will be a pool at the new site, or whether we’ll be carrying on at the existing pool for the foreseable future. Whenever we think of the potential redevelopment, it’s nearly always been in a negative “how will it effect us?” context – will we lose parking, will the leisure centre be closed, etc. But as you point out, there is a positicve side to it as well, ond one which we would be foolish not to exploit!

      We will find out in the next 3 months or so whether there is to be a full size pool at the school, and it’s only after that that we will be able to make firm plans for the future. That is when ideas like yours will really make their value felt.

      Thanks for supporting the pool, as well. If you haven’t seen the DD mandates yet, you can fill one in at http://aquacentrellandysul.co.uk/app/download/5793239881/Go+Cardless+Direct+Debit+Donation+Form.pdf Take this back to the centre, and you will then receive an email asking for your bank details from Go Cardless, after which you will just get an email each month telling you that we have received you donation.

      Thank you again for your valuable idea – diolch yn fawr,


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