Yma eto fyth! Back yet again!

1af Rhagfyr / December 2015

Mae Llyfrgell Llandysul dan fygythiad, a’r Cyngor ar hyn o bryd yn ymgynghori, gyda 3 opsiwn:

  1. Cau Llyfrgell Llandysul
  2. Cau Llyfrgell Llandysul
  3. Cau Llyfrgell Llandysul

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Llandysul Library is now under threat, with the Council having published a consultation with 3 options:

  1. Close Llandysul Library
  2. Close Llandysul Library
  3. Close Llandysul Library

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Cynnwys tudalen flaen hanesyddol / Historic front page content:

Ymunwch â ni!  Join us!

Bydd £10 y mis yn sicrhau dyfodol y pwll!

£10 a month will ensure the future of the pool!

E-mail info@aquacentrellandysul.co.uk am fanylion / for details


Am y newyddion diweddara, cerwch at ein blog /

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11eg Rhagfyr 2013

Ar y 26ain Tachwedd, datgelodd Cyngor Sir Ceredigion gynllun i ddod â grant cymunedol pwll Llandysul i ben.  Mae’r arian sy’n dod o’r cyngor, sydd yn cynnwys talu ar gyfer gwersi ysgol, a sesiynau nofio am ddim, yn dod at tua £44,000, a heb yr arian yna, fydd dim modd i’r pwll aros ar agor.

Ddydd Mawrth 3ydd Rhagfyr, roedd cyfarfod o’r ymddiriedolwyr.  Nhw yw’r bobl sydd yn gyfrifol am bopeth sydd yn digwydd yn y pwll, gan gynnwys gorfod talu o’u pocedi eu hunain os eiff unrhywbeth o’i le.  Penderfynon nhw ar y pryd taw’r unig beth call i wneud byddai cau y pwll erbyn y Nadolig 2013.

Dechreuodd ymgyrch yn syth ar Facebook (Cliciwch yma) i gadw’r pwll rhag cau – ewch i “hoffi” hynny.  A dyma fi’n ail godi SOSLlandysul i drafod syniadau a rhannu newyddion.

Ar 10fed o Ragfyr, trefnodd y cynghorydd Peter Evans gyfarfod cyhoeddus, a daeth sawl peth i’r amlwg, gan gynnwys y teimlad ymysg yr ymddiriedolwyr nad oedd cefnogaeth yn y gymuned i’w gwaith.  Mewn ymateb i hyn, daeth dros 100 o bobl ymlaen i addo £10 y mis i’r pwll i’w gadw ar agor.  Dydy 100 o bobl ddim yn ddigon i sicrhau dyfodol y pwll – bydd angen tua 300 i wneud hynny – ond mae ymroddiad y 100 cyntaf wedi rhoi’r hyder i’r ymddiriedolwyr gadw’r pwll ar agor ar ôl y Nadolig er mwyn rhoi’r cyfle i ni godi’r arian yn y gymuned.  Nawr, mae’n rhaid i ni ffindio’r gweddill i gadw’r pwll ar agor fis Ebrill ymlaen, pan ddaw’r grant i ben!

Mae Llandysul wedi colli digon.  Ac mae’r gymuned wedi tynnu llinell a gweud, “dim mwy”.

Diweddariad 14eg Rhagfyr: R’yn ni dros hanner ffordd, gydag ychydig yn fwy na 150 o roddwyr.  Ni fydd modd i fi ddiweddaru’r ffigyrau o hyn ymlaen, gan fydd yr holl fanylion gyda’r Ganolfan Dŵr.  Os wyt ti am gyfrannu, cysylltwch gyda nhw ar info@aquacentrellandysul.co.uk


11th December 2013

On the 26th November, Ceredigion County Council announced a plan to end the Community Grant to Llandysul Aqua Centre.  The money that comes from the council – including paying for school swimming lessons and free swimming sessions – comes to about £44,000, and without it, it is not possible to keep the swimming pool open.

On Tuesday 3rd December, there was a trustees’ meeting.  The trustees are the ones who are responsible for everything that happens at the pool including paying out of their own pockets if things go wrong.  They agreed that the only sensible option at the time was to close the swimming pool by Christmas 2013.

A campaign was started straight away on Facebook (Click here)to keep the pool from closing – go and “like” that.  And I restarted the SOSLlandysul blog, to discuss ideas and to share news.

On the 10th December, councillor Peter Evans called a public meeting, and a number of things became obvious, including the feeling amongst the trustees that there was little support for their work in the wider community.  In answer to this, more than 100 people queued to pledge £10 a month to keep the pool open.  100 people are not enough to ensure the future of the pool – but the commitment of the first 100 has given the trustees the confidence to keep the pool open after Christmas.  Now, we need to find the rest, to keep the pool open from April onwards, when the grant money stops.

The important thing is this:  Llandysul has lost enough.  And the community have drawn a line and said, “No more”!

Update 14th December: We are over half way – a little over 150 donors.  I will probably not be able to update these numbers any more, as the information will be with the Aqua Centre from this afternoon on.  If you would like to contribute, please email info@aquacentrellandysul.co.uk

9 Responses to Yma eto fyth! Back yet again!

  1. Elizabeth Evans says:

    Do you think the community would support a new swimming pool as part of the new 3-19 school or would they prefer to keep the pool where it is. Think it’s important that Councillors know what Llandysul residents would prefer – don’t think there’s any doubt that the community needs a swimming pool.

    • sosllandysul says:

      That’s an interesting and very valid point, Elizabeth. I have a feeling that if we let our pool die because we were likely to get one at the new school, the very fact that it was allowed to go might very well be used as a reason to not build one at the school. On the other hand, keeping the current pool open could just as much be used as an excuse for excluding the pool from the new development. I think the big question for now is what will we do for the next two years, regardless of whether there is a pool at the new school or not. Having said that, we do need to know what we want to do long term as well, and the question needs to be asked, but as you say, there’s no doubt that we want a swimming pool!

      Actually, this is a good time to mention that the council are currently holding another consultation regarding the new school, this time with the extra information that the much quoted, reduced fund of £34 million or so is now being stretched to build a primary school in Drefach as well. At the same time as we are being asked to comment on the original three footprint proposal, the schools have received detailed plans of the new school including a building marked “possible swimming pool”.

    • Llyr says:

      However you look at it there needs to be a new pool built, the current building same as the secondary school is simply too old and uneconomical to repair.

      The ideal situation would be that a new pool is built by the new school and the old one kept going until then.

      Failing this the best option is to close the pool and do our best to ensure a new one is built in its place. Else we may not have a pool in Llandysul in the long run.

      • sosllandysul says:

        I definitely think I agree with your “ideal situation” ;-s As I said in answer to Elizabeth below, the problem with allowing the pool to close and hoping for a new one is the danger that it will be interpreted as “no public cupport…” much like the council’s reason for withdrawing funding in the first place. I thin kthat holding onto what we have is essential, even as we work for something better, be that repair of the existing pool or building a new one.

  2. Os gwelwch yn dda cadwch fi “in the loop” am hyn via pancymru AT gmail DOT COM rhag ofn bod modd imi gefnogi’r ymgyrch. Diolch a phob lwc

  3. Joan Garrard says:

    Count me in. I’d be happy to set up a direct debit. Let me have details of accounts etc and I’ll set it up.

    • sosllandysul says:

      Hi Joan, and thank you very much! We’re just waiting for confirmation from the bank that our form is ok, and we’ll be sending them out as soon as we can. My kids are so chuffed to hear that they will be having lessons next year – it was brilliant to see!

      Thanks again,


  4. barry c curry says:

    yes set up a dd give me what info i need following on from last nights meeting i have an idea i am a carpenter of 35 years roofing side excellent i have structured my time towards semi retirement meaning i could find time to offer my services free now if you can find similar competent you can get the roof done to a 1st class standard cheap better still if you can get a local builders merchant to be altruistic the building inspector the architect etc it can be done and given intelligent people working together quickly its not pie in the sky needs sincere individuals not time wasters many thanks baz curry

    • sosllandysul says:

      That is an amazing offer of help, Baz – thank you very much. We’ll be releasing DD forms very soon (as soon as the bank have OK’ed them), and when we know that we’ve got the pool safe, we will have to look at our options regarding the roof and other matters. Offers of help such as your will be invaluable to us, so thank you very very much!

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