Debyd Uniongyrchol – Direct Debit

I bawb sydd wedi rhoi manylion ebost er mwyn derbyn ffurflen Direct Debit: byddwch chi yn derbyn ebost yn esbonio i chi shwd mae creu taliad. Plis cadwch at £10 neu fwy os oes modd, ond bydd y pwll a’r gymuned yngwethfawrogi ta beth ych chi’n gallu fforddio. Is nag ydych chi’n derbyn yr ebost, yna gad i Trystan wbod yn y pwll – Diolch yn fawr!   To everyone who has given their email addresses in order to receive a Direct Debit form: you will receive an email explaining how to set up a payment. Please keep to £10 (or more) if you can, but the pool, and the community, will be grateful for whatever you can afford. If you do not receive the email, please let Trystan know at the pool – Thank you ver much.  Sori mawr os yw’r neges yma braidd yn fratiog – wi’n defnyddio iPad rhywun arall mewn gwesty ac ma autocorrect bron yn drech na fi!  Sorry if this message is a bit terse – I’m using someone else’s iPad in a hotel room with autocorrect really getting on my nerves…

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2 Responses to Debyd Uniongyrchol – Direct Debit

  1. suzanne hughes-owen says:

    I need to get a dd form to make a pledge for the swimming pool – can I pick one up from the aqua centre?

    • sosllandysul says:

      Shw mae, Suzanne? You can get a link emailed to you at the moment, by writing to Trystan at He will then send you an email with the link which you can follow to sign up for the Direct Debit. Remember to let him know if you want to pay a different amount to £10.

      Thank you very much for your support!


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